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“Let’s have a nice cup of tea and a story” so says Great Aunt Lizzie when she is visited by her little explorer relations.

New Series (20 episodes):

Charlotte and her cousin Lokesh take turns to visit their Great Aunt Lizzie to hear wonderful tales set in the mists of time, from the Viking Lands, Ancient Greece and Edo Japan to the cities of the Mayan Empire.

Series Two (20 episodes)
Series One (25 episodes)

Series One (25 episodes):

When Charlotte and her brother Elliot choose one of Great Aunt Lizzie’s mysterious painted teacups, the adventures begin, finding themselves long ago and far away in Ancient Rome, Imperial China, Celtic Britain and Pharoah’s Egypt.

Why don’t you go off in your hat, bag and boots, just like our intrepid explorers? For all the Teacup Travels adventures, click the CBeebies link below. To discover the real artefact that inspired Great Aunt Lizzie’s tales, download this map to find the museum – the real home of Great Aunt Lizzie’s treasures.

When you have discovered the real artefact, post a selfie to #TeacupTravels. We’d love to see it.

CBeebies Map